Managed Anti-Virus, Protection & Monitoring

Everything you need to keep your PC safe, secure and up-to-date - all managed by

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Advanced Monitoring Agent

60-min Monitoring Health Checks
Critical Event Handling
Automated Patch Management
Background Maintenance

10% off Remote & Onsite Callouts

Managed Anti-Virus PLUS

Built on Official antivirus PRODUCT OF THE YEAR against Cyber-Threats.

Fully managed protection with zero click and zero hassle automatic alerting


Online Web Protection

Compliment your protection against suspected and confirmed unsafe sites - even alongside your current antivirus software.

Stay secure against websites pushing malware, phishing, proxies, spyware, adware, botnets and spam

Complete Protection Suite

Advanced Monitoring Agent PLUS
30-min Monitoring Health Checks
Managed Antivirus -INCLUDED
Online Web Protection -INCLUDED

15% off Remote and Onsite Callouts

On-Premise Backup Software

Affordable, reliable, simple and fast Windows Server Backup & Disaster Recovery Software

Designed for small to medium-sized organisations and used in more than 120 countries across the Globe.

Perform reliable image backups, recover anything from whole systems to individual files and folders.

We can also provide suitable offsite media in the appropriate size and quantity. Please enquire.

Note This product is not subscription based and does not require annual renewal - Once 1x payment of £149.99 or 12x payments of £14.99 term is reached, you own the software entirely and are no longer billed.